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Image by Tania Melnyczuk


Container-board is a type of paperboard specially manufactured for the production of corrugated board. It includes both Linerboard (Kraftliner and Testliner) and Fluting (Corrugating Medium), the two types of paper that make up corrugated board.
Corrugated board is used to make cardboard boxes.
Since container-board is made mainly out of natural unbleached wood fibres, it is generally brown, although its shade may vary depending on the type of wood, pulping process, recycling rate and impurities content. For certain boxes that demand good presentation, white bleached pulp or coating is used on the top ply of the linerboard that goes outside the box.


Boxes on Conveyor Roller
We are able to offer the following types of container-board: 
  • Testliner 
  • Fluting & Semi-Chemical Fluting (SCF) 
  • Kraftliner-Board (KLB) 
  • White Top Testliner (WTTL) 
  • White Kraftliner-Board (WKLB)
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