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Stones with cement

Industrial Sacks - Cement 

After water, cement is one of the most commonly used substances on the planet.
The storage and transportation of cement demands that a company carefully choses the right packaging. The following factors are critical in this decision: 



Based on a company's circumstances and a consideration of the above factors, Foresco are able to offer the following types of industrial sack: 

Types of

paper sacks

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Our industrial sacks are available in all sizes (and in 2 to 3 plies). This applies to all our different types of sack: 


1. The Stepped-end Pasted Valve design 

2. The Open Mouth design

3. The Stitched Bottom / Top design


We are able to print up to 5 colours on both sides of the packaging. In addition, we are also able to offer free Polyethylene Films that act as inner liners. 





The importance of sourcing excellent quality in cement packaging cannot be overstated.


As can be seen in the clip on the right, the transportation of cement is an arduous undertaking, placing much strain on industrial sacks. At Foresco we pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality product that is able to withstand this tough process.






Cotton Sacks


Our Cotton Sacks - used for the packaging of flour and other food ingredients - are produced to the highest quality. They are particularly liked in Africa due to their re-saleable ability.







Polypropylene Lined Sacks


In collaboration with African flour mills, we have created an extremely durable flour sack. It is comprised of an outer Polypropylene woven sack and is lined with 2 or 3 inner plies of Kraft paper. This product is very popular with bakers' as the Kraft paper is reused to pack the finished baked bread. 









Closing Thread


As another support-based service to flour mills, we are able to provide Cotton or Polyester closing thread in all colours and suitable for all flour-packing plants. 20lb or 10kg cones or smaller. Can be delivered by the pallet load or FCL.







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