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Paper - Sack Kraft

The majority of all Kraft paper produced is used for cement packaging. This is our specialist field - we are able to recommend the most suitable type of Kraft paper for a particular market. 
Factors that influence this decision include: the type and speed of converting machinery; the type and speed of cement-packing machinery; the loading capability of cement onto trucks; and market handling.


The invention of the Clupak process in paper-making allowed Kraft paper to be produced with additional stretch or extensibility, known as Extensible Sack Kraft. This new grade was particular suited to cement packaging where optimal strength is required.
Further breakthroughs in paper technology - such as high consistency refining and higher porosity papers - contributed to the reduction in number of plies and basis weight. This has all led to a more competitive and better performing product. 

Our Sack Kraft Products 


  • Fully-Extensible or Semi-Extensible


Semi-Extensible Sack Kraft was a grade developed with converting speeds in mind. A squarer sheet (meaning equal TEA in both CD and MD) results is more stability on the tuber, and thus higher productivity. Available in both Bleached and Unbleached.


  • High Porosity Sack Kraft


The application of perforated holes to cement sacks allows faster air escape during filling and therefore faster filling. The major downside is a weaker overall sack (up to 15%) and a dusty packaging station. High Porosity Sack Kraft was developed as a solution - its naturally porous paper means the perforations are unnecessary. Stronger and cleaner sacks are the result. 


  • Standard Sack Kraft


Standard Sack Kraft is produced without the clupak unit and therefore non-extensible. It is suitable for use in non-intensive industries (flour, feed, etc.) and is found in open-mouth sacks and lined sacks. 

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Paper and pulp mill.jpg
Vegetables in Paper Bags
Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Other Grades 


We are also able to provide more specialist grades for retail applications.


We supply Bleached and Unbleached MG Kraft paper in the following range: 20GSM up to 90GSM.

This type of Kraft paper has found advantageous use in places like sub-Saharan Africa where governments have banned plastic shopping bags. The obvious replacement has been Kraft paper, a naturally biodegradable product.


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